About Jan

I live my life as an artist – it’s in everything I do, I see art in everything… In graphic design, it incorporates sensibility and value with design.

My process is highly intuitive – a design can come in a moment’s inspiration, it usually comes to me very quickly. It is a culmination of all my years experience.

There is a benefit to being in the arts – it is a place to grow and love what you do for a living. It’s with me where ever I go, I am evaluating, sensing, absorbing, filtering. I like seeing what is new around me, but I always go back to timeless & classic with a unique flair.

Painting is an important part of my process of staying artistic and in the flow, they allow me to be free and work on the projects that inspire me – it is a very self indulgent process. It give me the freedom to do the same on corporate projects and process them much in the same way. It helps create a balance in my creative life. I am very fortunate to have made my lifes work by creating all these wonderful creative designs.