D&M Desserts

Get Healthy American got into making their own delectable mouthwatering Gluten free, dairy free desserts and market it to other stores that have a clientele with dietary restrictions. Colors, fonts and illustrations were all put together to build on the irresistible urge to try one!

ROK Health & Fitness Club – Revolution in Kinetics

This is a new state of the art fitness facility that provides members and community a health and wellness experience that is uncompromised and cannot be found at any other type of facility. They were looking for a design that depicted strength as well a movement. Even the use of the colors – red, yellow and blue – are the basic colors from which all others are created from representing the core essence of the brand.

Cradle of Aviation Museum

A new museum was being erected to house all of the fantastic history around aviation here on Long Island. Besides the obvious red, white and blue, the star and shape were used to create a strong mark that would appear on all items in the museum shop as well as their marketing efforts and signage.

Kid Safe

This company was to make hiring nannies, sitters and aupairs safe and give parents an informed decision based on background and credit checks. The font was actually written by a 7 year old and the colors and configuration was all to build this secure place for families to feel comfortable with their choices for their child care.

Salon Posh

Their original design was dated and unimpressive and they knew it. I took nothing from that design except their colors I utilized font and blocking to build this original and unique design. It then appeared on all their signage and brochures as well as aprons and website.

Howard Stern

We all know the name – having met him several times during the initial process he was professional and articulate on what he was looking for. This design was created for his radio show – it took many rounds to create the perfect letters that I then pieced together to look like it was a font instead of hand drawn. Black and purple were the perfect color combination to add to the look and feel.

Ronald Fatoullah & Associates

Their tagline is “Where Legal Advice is An Art” so it was important to make an artistic mark to integrate into their marketing efforts. It is difficult to stand out in a legal field In protecting our clients, so it was necessary to stand out and create a totally different type of design.

Locust Manor Estates

Real estate company was building multi family homes in a neighborhood that was up and coming. The colors were to attract families looking to integrate many generations into one comfortable living space. The icon brought a feeling of an established home feel.

Sunrise Jets

An existing private aviation company was looking for a new name and a new look. The name came to me in a moment of brilliance – as it turns out they are right off of a main road called Sunrise Highway. Seems logical but it eluded all of us till a light bulb went off over my head. The colors then were created around a compass rose to evoke a feeling of a morning cool blues breaking into warm sunny yellows & oranges. AND we got the .com – which was a must.

Foundation for Sight & Sound

I wanted to integrate a mark that depicted a visual and auditory in one. This arc did it perfectly by repeating the shape of the top of the eye 3 times to make it seem like sound waves!